“We’ll never be short on anything anymore”, the father from Hamme says. His family always had trouble trying to live a decent living, but they now have won 1 million euros with the national lottery. They consider it a gift from heaven. The happy and lucky family immediately bought a big lot, a great house to live in, a horse and a motorcycle. The assured us that they don’t plan to spend it all at once. The couple consists of Patrick – a man who has been disabled for seven years, and Rita, his wife who takes care of the house. For now, they have to live a little bit longer in the current house they’re renting. It’s cramped and it’s hard to fit in an entire family. “We’ve known a lot of misery, but now we’ll never have to worry about any kind of financial shortcomings”.

The family looks forward to leaving this house, and Rita nods. That dream is finally going to come true, because the moment the family received their million euros, the first thing they did was make the proper arrangements to move out as soon as possible.
They still find it hard to believe. But it’s also caused some stress. Local people already caught wind of the big prize of money, so already people are out to beg for their share. Their life has changed completely, but they nonetheless consider this prize as a gift that fell from the heavens onto their family. Living in poverty did teach them to be careful about spending money, and being a millionaire didn’t change that much. They immediately arranged a financial advisor to learn about the proper way to deal with this amount of money. Being safe and secure is the most important thing of all.

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